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Green D+ is formulated by adding a Nano technology patented performance additive, based on cerium oxide, to HVO renewable diesel. The HVO is sourced from Neste, the world's leading supplier of renewable diesel. GREEN D+ is produced from qualifying waste oils.


Renewable diesel is a low carbon biofuel produced 100% from renewable raw materials. The base HVO renewable diesel is produced from a variety of waste & residue materials (i.e. used cooking oil and waste fats from the food processing industry) as well as plant oils (i.e. soya oil, rapeseed oil etc) though a process of hydrogenation.


The additive in our fuel is Envirox™, a fuel borne catalyst based on nanotechnology produced by UK based company Energenics. It is scientifically and commercially proven to save fuel costs, by reducing fuel consumption, with a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other harmful exhaust emissions.


Green D+ is an alternative fuel for use in diesel engines, which has been independently proven to lower local emissions (e.g. particulate matter, NOx, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide). It delivers up to 90% Green House Gas savings and reduces NOx by 27-36% and particulates by up to 89% compared to red diesel.

It can be used in existing heavy-duty diesel vehicles without modifications, allowing for easy switchover from diesel fuel with no infrastructure investment required.

Green D+ has broadly similar physical characteristics to crude diesel derived from crude oil, but it has a much higher cetane number, a higher mass calorific value, minute levels of sulphur and aromatics, and a lower density.

GreenD + Renewable Diesel GreenD + Renewable Diesel

Renewable Diesel - The simplest way to reduce your emissions.

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Renewable Diesel/ Paraffinic Diesel/EN 15940