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We’ll help you find the right generator at the right price and to the right specification for your individual needs. We source all our generators from major manufacturers across Europe

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We supply a comprehensive range of PTO Generators and Tractor Driven Generators, Welder Generators and Alternators from 12 - 93 kVa, Single and Three phase, 50hz. We can supply either full systems or basic PTO Generator only

PTO Generators and Welders


PTO GENERATORS for Agricultural and Farming

We understand the importance of reliable and stable power supplies for the farming industry, power cuts and power shortages can be costly.

 PTO, tractor driven generators are an ideal solution, they can provide standby power in the event of power failures, cover shortfalls in supply and ar emore reliable than standalone diesel generators as there is no additional engine to maintain, service or fuel, simply hook up to your tractors PTO and you have power.

Agrowatt PTO generators are designed and manufactured in Italy.

· IP23 or IP44 protection degree

· Ratings from 12 to 93 kVA (S1 50 Hz)

· Three-phase brushed 2 and 4 pole, three-phase and single-phase brushless 4 pole with AVR generators

· Standard equipment: control panel, overdrive and protection kit, external frame

· Customized configurations available on request

· 24 months warranty

· Standards:

EN 60034-1, EN 60204-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, ISO 730.

AGROWATT's are manufactured in accordance with security and EMC requirements of the EC 2006/42, EC 2006/95, EC 2004/108 directives.