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Welder Generator - Mosa Magic Weld 200

Call 0203 286 7476

Mosa Magic Weld 200 - Welder Generator

Technical Data                                                                                  Magic Weld 200 Amp

Current range, continuous                                                                20 - 200 amps

Duty Cycle                                                                                         200 A at 60%

Open Circuit Voltage                                                                         70 v


Single Phase Power - Max                                                                3 kW 110v

Single Phase Power - Continuous                                                    2.5 kW 110v

Insulation Class                                                                                H

Model                                                                                                Honda GX270

Output                                                                                               6.3 kW - 8.5 HP

Fuel Consumption                                                                             1.5 litre per hour

Tank Capacity                                                                                   5.3 Litres

Running Time - Welding 60%                                                          3.5 hours

IP Protection                                                                                    IP 23

Dimensions L x W x H                                                                       630 x 490 x 540 mm

Dry Weight                                                                                        61 kg

Sound Level                                                                                      74dba at 7m

D.C. Welding - Constant Current

AC Generator 50 Hz

Engine - Petrol - 4 Stroke, OHV - Air Cooled



DC Arc Welding, Welds any type of electrode, including cellulosic, high frequency control of both welding current and voltage, Oil Alert, Power Optimiser, Auto idle

Mosa Magic Weld 200