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We’ll help you find the right generator at the right price and to the right specification for your individual needs. We source all our generators from major manufacturers across Europe

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Hydraulic Generators are an excellent alternative to conventional engine driven generators where you can utilise an existing hydraulic supply to generate power, compact, lightweight and quiet. Hydraulic Power Solutions provide complete systems for integration into trucks, vans, boats, construction machinery, access platforms and many other types of plant and machinery.


Generators Petrol, Diesel and LPG engine generators to suit all applications. Single phase and three phase, 50 or 60Hz.

Telair Generators

Telair Generators and Air Conditioning for Horse Boxes, Motor Homes and Recreational Vehicles

Diesel Generators Rental Range

Inmesol Diesel Generators Standby, Prime Power, Industrial and Rental Generators. Stage 3a compliant manufactured in the EU