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Lighting Towers - Minilite lighting towers, affordable, compact and portable ideal for sports clubs and site lighting

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Minilite Lighting Towers - Compact Portable Lighting Towers

HPS Minilite 

Portable Lighting Towers from HPS

Download the HPS Minilite Product Data Sheet

HPS Minilite Specification

Designed and developed by HPS the  Minilite is an innovative approach to the problem of small compact, portable lighting towers for construction sites, training areas, car parks and other environments where heavy duty road tow lighting towers are impractical to use or beyond your budget, incorporating a 5m pneumatic mast, the unit can be located and operational in minutes, we offer a choice of generators and lighting options to suit most budgets, open frame, silenced and super silenced petrol generators, diesel generators and generators with twin masts for added lighting. The mast is extended pneumatically with a fixed hand pump The mast has an extended height of in excess of 5m and is mounted on either a petrol or diesel driven generator set. It can be supplied with either 4 no. 750w tungsten halogen lamps or 1 no. 1000w metal halide lamp. A range of generators options are available to suit customers specific requirements.

The mast consists of 5 sections, each section fitted with a Twist-Lock system preventing the mast from turning in the wind. This ensures that each section is secured and remains extended for longer periods of time. The integral shock absorption system prevents the mast from lowering too quickly. The stability of the unit is provided by the heavy duty bipod mounting arrangement which means that the mast is stable in wind speeds of up to 100km/h






5000HM Petrol

4 x 750 watt Tungsten Halogen



1 x 1000 watt Metal Halide



6000HM Petrol

4 x 1000 watt Tungsten Halogen




4 x 1000 watt Tungsten Halogen



1 x 1000 watt Metal Halide


Lighting Towers - Minilite