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Looking for Biofuel and Biodiesel Generators, we can supply a complete range of biofuel generators and also  source the best Biofuel - CleanAir Fuels

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BioFuel Generators

Biofuel and Biodiesel Generators

The problem with Biofuel and Biodiesel Generators is that due to the varying quality of the blends, engine manufacturers are reluctant to provide warranty cover when this is the fuel source, except where the blend is a maximum blend of 10 - 15%. There are inherent problems with most Biofuels and Biodiesel types that adversly affect primarily the fuel system. The key to using these fuels in generators is compliance with engine manufacturers specifications and if you actually read the data, you will find that they don’t specify a fuel but a standard ASTMD972 D2 that the fuel must comply with. So what are the options, you can run the generator on any fuel of your choice, it will need to be modified to a degree but if it fails during warranty then you will have no cover.

No warranty cover is only one factor to be considered, just how much work and expense will be involved in converting the engine to make it work, will the fuel solidify even at high temperatures a particular problem with fuels derived from Used Cooking Oil - UCOME, if you are not sure what this means, think of a pot of gravy and how soon a film forms on the surface after you take it off the heat, then imagine what will happen when you try to run a generator engine with it, it won’t work very well if at all, engines don’t run well on Lard! So you have to continually preheat the fuel so it doesn’t solidify.

There are many different biofuels derived from many different sources, but with few exceptions if the blend is more than 15% you may well have problems, we can supply not only Biofuel and Biodiesel Generators but also Clean(Air) HVO + - Renewable Diesel

Is there a Solution?


Clean(Air) GTL + and Clean(Air) HVO +

Clean(Air) Diesel Fuels - Renewable Diesel is an ASTMD975 2D,  compliant fuel derived from renewable resources. It is a pour in replacement for GasOil / Red Diesel but with all the inherent emissions benefits and more of a Biofuel / Biodiesel.

Biofuels when used for the purpose of power generation attract ROC’s - Renewable Obligations Certificates, money that can be reclaimed for every kW of power produced in addition to being able to reclaim the duty paid and can therefore usually reduce your generator fuel costs.

For Further Information regarding ROC’s click the links below

Renewable Obligation Certificates

All Diesel Generators we offer can run on Clean(Air) GTL or HVO without invalidating warranties or need for engine modification.

For further information on our BioFuel Generators or Clean(Air) Parafinnic Diesel

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Clear(Air) GTL

Looking for Biofuel and Biodiesel Generators but not sure who to talk to, give us a call, we can supply a complete range of biofuel generators and also  source the best Bio Diesel - Clean(Air) HVO + - Renewable Diesel